South Korea, China’s top diplomats meet for rare talks

South Korea, China’s top diplomats meet for rare talks

CHINA warned South Korea of its deepening ties with the United States and Japan and called against external interference in their bilateral ties.

South Korean Foreign Minister Cho Tae-yul met China’s top diplomat Wang Yi in Beijing for talks.

Cho called for both sides to make efforts to manage their country’s differences before they escalated into a conflict.

The South Korean minister expressed concern over North Korea and its military cooperation with Russia.

South Korea’s spy agency National Intelligence Service said it is checking on reports of North Korea allegedly supplying Russia with weapons being used against Ukraine.

Cho also invited Wang to visit South Korea which the top Chinese diplomat accepted.

He became the first South Korean foreign minister to visit Beijing in more than six years.

Meanwhile, Wang acknowledged how the challenges in bilateral ties faced by South Korea and China have increased significantly, but said Beijing is willing to strengthen communication and exchanges with Seoul.

Political differences on international issues such as Taiwan and South Korea’s deepening ties with the U.S. spurred tensions between the two allies in recent years.

South Korea will host a three-way summit with China and Japan in the last week of May.

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