Vietnam welcomes Russia’s Putin with open arms on state visit

Vietnam welcomes Russia’s Putin with open arms on state visit

VIETNAM and Russia showed that their decades-old friendship remains strong as the Southeast Asian nation ignored criticisms from the United States.

Vietnamese President To Lam officially welcomed Russian President Vladimir Putin in a solemn ceremony in Hanoi

Putin rubbed elbows with high-ranking officials in Vietnam following an onslaught of sanctions on Moscow by the United States last week and Western allies reaffirming support for Ukraine.

The Russian leader vowed to strengthen ties with Moscow’s decades-old ally Vietnam, with both nations having strong partnerships in energy to defense sectors.

Both sides signed 11 cooperation documents ranging in education, nuclear technology research, disease prevention, oil exploration, and justice, according to state media.

Putin congratulated the new president on his election victory and invited him to the Victory Day celebrations in Moscow next year.

A spokesperson for the U.S. Embassy in Hanoi criticized the visit, stating that no country should give Putin a platform to promote its ongoing war with Ukraine. Vietnam’s foreign ministry did not reply to the spokesperson’s statement.

Putin visited Vietnam after a short visit to North Korea. His trip to Hanoi marked his final stop on his two-nation tour of Asia.

Russia and Vietnam sustained their decades-old friendship despite major countries trying to woo Hanoi for support. Putin visited friendly countries in Asia and showed that Western isolation is not having an impact on its leadership and influence in the region.

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