Vietnamese woman arrested in NAIA for unruly behavior

Vietnamese woman arrested in NAIA for unruly behavior

ANOTHER Vietnamese woman who is a passenger was arrested by the Immigration Officers for unruly behavior at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3, Monday, July 1. on her way to Hanoi.

The Vietnamese woman can be seen being calmed down by Bureau of Immigration (BI) and Philippine National Police (PNP) aviation security group personnel. She was in immigration clearance for her flight to Hanoi.

However, during the inspection, she aggressively snatched her passport from the immigration officer and caused a scene by throwing herself on the floor and shouting.

She reportedly streamed her outburst on social media and caused disturbance in the immigration departure area.

She also hit the arm of a supervisor on duty at Immigration. According to BI, the Vietnamese national was identified as 19-year-old Ban Thi Van.

Officers sought the assistance of the BI’s border control and intelligence unit as well as airport police and the Philippine National Police Aviation Security Group (PNP-ASG). Due to unruly behavior, the Vietnamese national was arrested.

Ban was later brought to the BI’s head office in Intramuros for inquest proceedings and later transferred to the agency’s facility inside Camp Bagong Diwa in Taguig pending deportation.

To recall, last month, another Vietnamese woman going to Kuala Lumpur, strutted around naked in the departure area of ​​NAIA Terminal 3 after an immigration officer asked her to pay a fine for overstaying in the country. She then walked naked toward the final security checkpoint which caused a disturbance to departing passengers, and employees on duty.


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