BI arrests South Korean national wanted for fake money trading

BI arrests South Korean national wanted for fake money trading

A South Korean national wanted for fake money trading was about to board a flight to Busan when he was stopped by the Bureau of Immigration personnel.

Jang Junseok, a 26-year-old South Korean national, failed to fly back to his country after being intercepted by the Bureau of Immigration Authorities.

Jang is wanted in Seoul for his involvement in counterfeit currency trading.

Immigration Commissioner Norman Tansingco cited the report of the Bureau’s Border Control and Intelligence Unit (BCIU), stating that Jang Junseok attempted to board a Philippine Airlines flight to Busan, South Korea, but his name was on the watchlist order from the Bureau as well as a red notice issued by Interpol.

Jang was described by authorities as a professional user of counterfeit money using South Korean banknotes.

The warrant for Jang’s arrest was issued by the Daegu District Court in South Korea on February 28 this year following a case of possession and trading counterfeit currency against him.

Jang had six prior convictions for the same criminal offense but was released on parole in 2023.

While on parole, Jang allegedly continued to forge counterfeit banknotes and used a pseudonym to deceive his victims by offering fake money at lower prices compared to genuine notes.

The value of the counterfeit banknotes he allegedly produced amounted to over 30 million won, or approximately twenty two thousand U.S. dollars.

Jang was taken to the BI warden facility at Camp Bagong Diwa in Taguig City, pending deportation proceedings.

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