Death toll rises to 2,800 amid looming Israeli ground offensive in Gaza

Death toll rises to 2,800 amid looming Israeli ground offensive in Gaza

DEATH toll soared in the fighting between Israel and Hamas on Thursday with more than 2,800 lives claimed on both sides as the elevated conflict entered its sixth day.

More than 1,572 Palestinians have been killed in the fighting, with over 7,200 wounded, the Palestinian health authority said on Thursday.

The tally includes 1,537 deaths and about 6,600 injuries in the enclosed territory of Gaza.

Meanwhile, on the Israeli side, the Health Ministry said the death toll increased to 1,300, with around 3,300, wounded.

The ongoing conflict escalated drastically on Saturday after Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, fired thousands of rockets into Israel in a massive surprise attack via land, sea, and air.

Israel has responded with numerous airstrikes and retaliatory measures and is now threatening to launch a ground offensive in Gaza.

Israel urges 1.1 million Gaza residents to evacuate in 24 hours, Hamas rejects order

Time is ticking for the Palestinian residents of Gaza after Israel orders them to relocate south, as the UN warns of “devastating humanitarian consequences” amid escalating tensions and hostilities.

The Israeli military has issued an evacuation order to over 1 million residents of Gaza City, urging them to move south for their safety.

The United Nations has warned of “devastating humanitarian consequences” as a result of this displacement.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) stated that the evacuation was their so-called “humanitarian step” and that Gaza residents could return only after receiving a notification confirming their safety.

The IDF has also called on civilians to distance themselves from Hamas.

The UN has expressed concerns about the impact of such a massive displacement, affecting around 1.1 million people, and called for the order to be rescinded.

The Gaza Strip continues to be pounded by Israeli airstrikes after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared war following the unprecedented attack of Hamas last Saturday.

The IDF stated that they will significantly operate in Gaza City and the civilians will be able to return back to their homes only after another announcement is made.

This raises fears that Israel will launch a ground attack on the city.

But Hamas rejected Israel’s order, stating,

‘‘Our Palestinian people reject the threat of the occupation (Israeli) leaders and its call for them to leave their homes andflee from them to the south or Egypt. We are steadfast on our land and in our homes and our cities. There will be no displacement.’’

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