FPRRD, disagrees with recalling PH Ambassador to China

FPRRD, disagrees with recalling PH Ambassador to China

FORMER President Rodrigo Roa Duterte does not agree with the call made by a senator to bring back the Philippine Ambassador to China.

It can be recalled that Sen. Francis Tolentino encouraged the government to recall our Ambassador to China as a protest against Beijing’s actions toward Philippine ships in the West Philippine Sea (WPS).

In addition to Sen. Tolentino, who is the chairman of the Senate Special Committee on Maritime and Admiralty Zones, Sen. Jinggoy Estrada also joined the call to bring back the Philippine Ambassador to China.

However, according to Duterte, this suggestion would not bring any benefit to the country.

“The suggestion of the recall of an ambassador is too abrupt and too harsh, that’s the right word. Abrupt and too harsh, and it would do no good,” according to Former President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

According to Former President Duterte, it is better to emphasize diplomacy on both sides through discussions regarding the issue in the WPS.

“In the end, after this, we will still need to talk. So, it’s better to just initiate diplomacy down there, to start initiatives and look for ways to find the right contacts, the right people to talk to, so that we can discuss and resolve this properly,” he added.

Philippines and US diplomatic approach toward China compared by FPRRD and Pastor ACQ

Meanwhile, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy asked Duterte about his opinion on what he perceives as the non-diplomatic approach of the Philippines towards China due to the territorial dispute.

“Mayor, just recently, probably yesterday or today, there is an APEC Summit in San Francisco, USA.”

“In six years, it was the first time Xi Jinping, the President of China, went and attended the APEC Summit meeting, and he was really royally welcomed in San Francisco by the American government; I mean, it was a royal welcome,” Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy said.

“So, here in our country, the hawkish side of those leaders who are into the West Philippine Sea issue, it seems to me that there is a non-diplomatic approach to China, and recently, there was a high level of condemnation of the latest harassment by the Chinese Coast Guard when our Philippine vessels had to resupply mission at the BRP Sierra Madre in Ayungin Shoal,” according to Former Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

It can be noted that despite the rivalry between the two superpowers, China and the United States are still continuing their diplomatic communication.

In fact, the United States has sent high-level government officials to China many times.

The United States also sent a large delegation to the recently concluded 6th International Import Expo (CIIE), as it wants to establish close cooperation with Beijing.

And now, the much-anticipated meeting of US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping in San Francisco for the APEC Summit.

“But Xi Jinping was there and he was royally welcomed. And they are even talking about a military I think it’s not an alliance but a military joint exercise with the military of the USA and the military of China,” Pastor Apollo added.

For FPRRD, the warm reception of Xi by the US holds a huge significance as it could lessen the threat of war and ease tensions in the WPS.

“Here, the royal reception received by Xi Jinping of China in America is very significant. ‘Very significant’ means that China and America are now within the scope of diplomatic and possibly closer ties between the two countries.”

“And if this is established, Pastor, it is a significant development for our world. So, maybe we can say that we can avoid the catastrophe of a nuclear war, and Xi Jinping is taking the initiative by going there to build friendships.”

“So, it’s correct that they gave him an almost royal treatment because it’s not just anyone who can go there. I’m sure Xi Jinping also wants to say, alright, I’ll go so that we can talk about this and resolve our differences.”

“Now, on this side, when we talk about these powers, can we rely on America regarding the West Philippine Sea? asked Pastor Apollo.

 “I’m sure he will not,” Duterte said.

The former President strongly emphasized that talks, not war, are the solution to maritime disputes.

Meanwhile, Pastor Apollo pointed out the reality that the US cannot sever its ties with China.

The good Pastor also highlighted the sending of high-ranking senior US government officials to China to maintain cooperation and diplomacy.

This stands in contrast to the actions of some government officials in the Philippines today.

“More likely, Mayor, on the Zelensky-Russia War, America is not dependent on Russia for some of their production, but they are dependent on China for semiconductors and many other things,” Pastor Apollo said.

“Mayor, America is currently dependent on China, that’s why they cannot decouple from China because they source many essential items from China that they don’t have. They are dependent on that,” Pastor Apollo added.

“That’s why if China becomes belligerent towards them, as you can see, they send people like their [U.S.] Treasury Department Secretary to make friends with China. Here, it seems like we are more popish than the Pope,” Pastor Apollo said.

“That’s why I’m always thinking, maybe these guys are thinking that if we initiate any violent reaction or action, there, that big Uncle Sam, America, would come to our aid,” Duterte said.

“America would say, “you know, my friend, it’s just a boundary issue, it’s just water, ** **, don’t bother me with that,” Duterte added.

“Because China is almost like friends to everybody since they manufacture all sorts of things. Whatever you want, they can do it for you,” Duterte said.

It can be noted that China ranks third as the US’s largest trading partner, as for the Philippines, China, is its largest trading partner.

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