German chancellor embarks on a three-day visit to China

German chancellor embarks on a three-day visit to China

LEADERS of the world’s second and third largest economy met in Beijing for high-level talks, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz held talks with Xi and other high-ranking officials in China who toured him in the southwestern megacity of Chongqing and the economic powerhouse of Shanghai.

The meeting called for a strategic approach to economic ties amid rising geopolitical tensions.

Scholz stressed that the Russia-Ukraine war was having very considerable negative effects on security in Europe but noted how both countries can contribute to a “just peace to Ukraine.”

Scholz asked China for fair competition in the European market and urged the EU not to adopt protectionist policies against Beijing.

The bloc has been considering tariffs amid concerns about overproduction of Chinese goods in the EU market such as vehicles, wind, and solar equipment.

The German chancellor also asserted a partnership in climate protection.

Meanwhile, Xi told his German counterpart to look at industry overcapacity objectively.

This is the German chancellor’s second visit to China since assuming office in December 2021.


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