Instigators of illegal attack on KOJC religious compounds are out of their minds─Ex-Pres’l Asst/Consultant

Instigators of illegal attack on KOJC religious compounds are out of their minds─Ex-Pres’l Asst/Consultant

THE Marcos administration violated many constitutional provisions in the illegal attack conducted by the PNP-SAF and CIDG on the religious compounds of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KOJC).

“Whoever taught about this operation is crazy,” according to Jose Alejandrino, Former Presidential Asst. of FVR, Former Presidential Consultant of FPRRD.

This is how Jose Alejandrino, former Presidential Assistant to former President Fidel V. Ramos and Presidential Consultant to former President Rodrigo Duterte, described the operations conducted by two battalions of PNP-SAF and CIDG in full battle gear on the religious compounds of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KOJC) on June 10, 2024.

Alejandrino’s statement pertains to the illegal entry of PNP-SAF and PNP-CIDG into not just one, but four religious compounds of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KOJC) in Davao City and Kitbog, Malungon, Sarangani.

In an exclusive interview with SMNI News, Jose Alejandrino stated that the armed police’s actions in the KOJC religious compounds were not the actions of a person in their right mind.

Alejandrino explained that if the police are to serve an arrest warrant, it should be at the correct address. However, the fully armed police appeared to search all of Davao City with the number of places they went to.

“When you serve an arrest warrant, you have to serve it at the address. You cannot go all over Davao serving a warrant of arrest; there has to be a specific address. Now, if the address is at the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, a sheriff could have gone there, or one police officer could have gone there and knocked on the door, saying, ‘Ma’am, we have a warrant to serve, can you receive it?’ Then the person receives it, and it’s done. You don’t go down with a whole battalion of Special Action Force to tear down the gates with Armalites as if you’re going to war. You don’t do that. Nobody with the right mind will do it,” he said.

Alejandrino also believes that the action of PNP-SAF was overkill with the number of police officers sent to the KOJC religious compounds.

“When you send two battalions of the PNP-SAF, that to me is an overkill. Do you need two battalions to serve a simple arrest warrant? Do you really need two battalions? And then they broke down the gates of the private property of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, and what did they find there? Worshipers,” he added.

He emphasized that the lack of justice and due process in Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy’s case, as well as the removal of SMNI’s franchise, had been planned for a long time.

“I think this was part of a plan to bring down the Dutertes, shut down SMNI because this was the only platform Duterte has for airing out his differences. That is one aspect of the plan to ultimately destroy the Dutertes politically because when they have no more voice, there is nothing left,” he added.

As a result, all government actions against KOJC are unjust and violate many constitutional rights.

“They are violating freedom of expression, freedom of worship, freedom of the press. Because when you cancel the license of SMNI without going through due process, it’s just an arbitrary, capricious decision, which is wrong. You cannot do it. The government can’t do it because the moment the government does that, it’s just an arbitrary, capricious decision, which goes against the Philippine Constitution,” he added.

“So, what is this government doing? It’s violating all the provisions of the Constitution. So, you know, when you look at everything that is happening, it’s wrong. What they’re doing is wrong,” he added.

Additionally, Alejandrino stated that the Marcos administration transgressed the law of God.

“You know, in the Bible, you cannot defile the house of God because you will be punished. And all those who defile the house of God, according to the Bible, will go to hell! Okay? So, what they had done by storming— the SAF storming, destroying the gate, and entering into private property, that the Kingdom of Jesus Christ is a house of God. You cannot do this; you’re defiling the house of the Lord. Many things were wrong,” he added.

Overall, Alejandrino attributed the decline in Marcos Jr.’s ratings to the blunders, injustices, and abuses of power against critics and KOJC.

“And it backfired because you know why? The number of those who now don’t support Marcos has risen to what I’m told is 18 million. In other words, Marcos’ trust rating is down to 33%, the same as Biden’s rating, which is 34%,” he added.

“Marcos’ rating is even below Biden’s rating. Can you imagine that? Now, what does that mean? That means that of the 31.6 million who voted for him, I predict his number of supporters will go down to 9 to 10 million. In other words, there’s no more 31.6 million; it will go down to 9-10 million,” he ended.


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