Duterte responds to Marcos Jr. on ‘secret deal’ issue in West Philippine Sea

Duterte responds to Marcos Jr. on ‘secret deal’ issue in West Philippine Sea

PRESIDENT Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. stated that if there is indeed a secret deal by former President Rodrigo Roa Duterte with China to surrender our claim in the West Philippine Sea, then it should be explained.

He also claimed to have no knowledge of the ‘secret deal’ as he was not briefed on the issue upon assuming the presidency.

“That is something—we still have to clear it up. We are waiting for Ambassador Wang to come back from Beijing. He left, and I asked to see him, maybe we could do that when he returns,” said President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr.

“And he needs to explain this. Who were you talking to? Who were you really talking to? What did you discuss? What did you agree upon? Was this an official thing or was it a personal thing? What is this?” he added.

Former President Duterte quickly responded by calling a press conference in Davao City on Thursday night, April 11.

“But let me be very clear on this, we have not conceded anything to China. There might have been an exchange of control over the China Sea, but those were really territorial in nature not involving the encroachment of China in our Exclusive Economic Zone, that’s a different issue,” stated Rodrigo Roa Duterte, Former President of the Philippines.

Former Pres. Duterte Spokesperson, Atty. Harry Roque, previously stated that they had agreed with Chinese President Xi Jinping to maintain the status quo in the disputed territory, allowing resupply missions to Ayungin Shoal as long as they don’t bring repair materials for the BRP Sierra Madre.

Duterte also recounted scenes from when his delegation visited China and how he insisted to President Xi about the Philippines’ claim in the WPS.

“This is Xi Jinping’s response, ‘I am afraid you’d gonna do that.’ I said, ‘Why, Mr. President?’ I confronted him directly. ‘I will get aid from that portion of the Red China Sea that belongs to the Philippines.’ He said, ‘Please do not do it for the life of me, we are friends and I do not want to destroy that friendship.’ ‘So, what is in your mind, Mr. President?’ He said, ‘Because it would mean trouble,'” said Former Pres. Duterte.

As President of the country, Duterte claimed that his foremost concern was to prevent the Philippines from engaging in war—a scenario that would result in the deaths of millions of Filipinos.

“My understanding is, when he said, ‘There would be trouble if we insist on our own way there, China will go to war,” stated Duterte.

“Of course, we are being oppressed by China. There’s no doubt about it, nobody questions that. The problem is, our job here as president just like Aquino and all, let’s talk first because we cannot afford a war at this time with China,'” he added.

Meanwhile, Duterte questioned Marcos Jr.’s repeated visits to America and his apparent susceptibility to the United States, which might further escalate tensions in the disputed territories.

Duterte points out Marcos Jr.’s ‘highly dangerous’ closeness to U.S.

“You know, there is a very dangerous thread, and anybody of you can notice. Bongbong, America has been there for about he keeps going back to America. The Americans, they give him a morale booster, ‘Go fight, you have nothing to fear,” said Former Pres. Duterte.

The former Chief Executive warned that many countries, including the Philippines, would suffer if the United States succeeded in using the West Philippine Sea issue to ignite war.

“Obliterated all. Believe me. Including us. There will be famine and hunger and death. You can ask any of your physics professors and they will tell you what would happen to the world. Nobody wins, that is why we navigate through our differences, our nuisances, our everything that is questionable there just by talk,” he stated.

Currently, Duterte is reviewing his administration’s foreign policy and has promised more explanations in the future.


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