Pastor ACQ unfazed by smear campaigns; challenges Sen. Hontiveros and fake witnesses

Pastor ACQ unfazed by smear campaigns; challenges Sen. Hontiveros and fake witnesses

PASTOR Apollo C. Quiboloy speaks out against the accusations made in the committee hearing of Sen. Risa Hontiveros. He also challenged her and the alleged fake witnesses to file a case in court.

Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KOJC) remains steadfast amid ongoing attacks against him.

This follows the recent Senate panel hearing led by Senator Risa Hontiveros regarding accusations brought before her committee against the revered Pastor.

The witnesses who appeared at the hearing identified themselves as Alias Amanda, Alias Jerome, and two Ukrainians—all of their faces are concealed during the hearing, where they recounted alleged abuses that they experienced within the congregation.

Pastor ACQ challenges Sen. Hontiveros to file a case in court

Pastor Apollo’s response to this is a challenge for Sen. Hontiveros to help the supposed victims in filing a case in court.

He also said that he would not back down from the accusations hurled against him.

“Now, those allegations of yours, you accusers, prove it in court because you have the burden of proof now.”

“You prove it in court. Help them, honorable Sen. Risa Hontiveros. Assist them because you are a lawmaker entertaining their allegations. Now, we are a land of law.  We are subject to the law. That is the endgame, not in your hearing. The conclusion is in court, and the judge will provide a fair judgment, not you. You cannot determine, as I said, the guilt or innocence of a person in your [Senate] hearing. It’s just in aid of legislation.”

“Now, you can prove whether I’m innocent or guilty in court.”

“You [should let] your witnesses prove it. Have them sign, assist them, and get a lawyer. That is my ultimate challenge to all of you. Let’s respect each other,” Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy of KOJC said.

Pastor Apollo also suggests that Sen. Hontiveros should consider his reputation, given the gravity of the accusations against him.

“That is a fair fight, and that is what the public is waiting for. But the smear campaign that I have endured for so long, I will not let it pass because my reputation is at stake, and the reputation of the Kingdom Nation with millions of members worldwide,” he added.

Pastor ACQ to fake witnesses: I will expose you in court

Pastor Apollo also addressed the supposed witnesses who testified against him.

“I am a compassionate and generous person. That’s why I have the Children’s Joy Foundation. I help Filipino youth—I provide education, food, and clothing.

“But there are people like this. I will not expose you in this vlog. I will expose you in court. I will scrutinize your personalities because from head to foot, I know you.”

 “I know you, former workers. There are even Ukrainians. Bring those Ukrainians here. I will face them all, even if there are 100 of you. We will face all of you,” said Pastor Apollo.

Pastor ACQ to Hontiveros: Court is the answer for all of your false allegations and accusations

Regarding Hontiveros’ statement that the revered Pastor is not exempt from authority due to his status as the Son of God, Pastor Apollo responded:

“I have said a long time ago, that even if I am the Son of God, I am subject to the laws of the land.

 “If I make a mistake, commit a crime, then sue me. But please, do not ruin my reputation without a fighting chance. Let’s respect each other. The court is the answer to all of your false allegations and accusations. The answer is in court, not in a Senate hearing.”


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