China hopes South Korea, other countries will join hands to grow relations with Beijing

China hopes South Korea, other countries will join hands to grow relations with Beijing

CHINA expects South Korea together with other countries to cooperate to avoid division, dispute, and confrontation adding that unity should be embraced for peace and prosperity of the entire Asia Pacific Region.

This was stated by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin in a press briefing last Tuesday.

On the other hand, South Korean Foreign Minister Park Jin said in an interview with Yonhap News Agency that Seoul gave a detailed explanation regarding its trilateral meeting with Japan and the US at Camp Davis last Friday to China through diplomatic channels.

Park clarified that the purpose of the meeting was not to target any nation he also stressed that South Korea is ready to build a healthy and mature relationship with China according to the principle of respect that will benefit both countries.

“We have noted the remarks by Foreign Minister Park Jin. Following the US-Japan-ROK summit at Camp David, the ROK briefed China on the meeting and explained it through diplomatic channels. In response to the trilateral meeting and the joint statement, especially the negative developments concerning China, China has immediately stated our serious position and concerns and made serious démarches to relevant parties,” according to Wang Wenbin.

According to Wang, China noticed Foreign Minister Park Jin’s comment after the summit at Camp David where ROK gave details to China about what was discussed in the summit through diplomatic channels.

Furthermore, China advised partner countries to be wise in their statements and acts about China.

“We urge relevant countries to be prudent with words and actions, stop smearing China’s image and harming china’s interests, stop stoking division and confrontation and harming regional peace stability, and stop pursuing selfish gains at the expense of other countries’ strategic and security interests and the wellbeing of people in Asia-Pacific. We attach importance to the desire expressed by the ROK to grow relations with China. We hope that the ROK will join china and other countries in the region in rejecting the outdated pattern of division, confrontation and bloc confrontation and opening up new prospects for solidarity, cooperation, development and prosperity in the asia-pacific,” said Wang Wenbin.

Wang said that some countries should just stop the destructive allegations to ruin China’s image.

In addition, Wang also said to stop division, confrontation, and acts that bring damage to peace and stability in the region as well as to stop selfish interests.


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