China’s Xinjiang showcases hyper-efficient harvesting machines

China’s Xinjiang showcases hyper-efficient harvesting machines

WE are amazed every time we see modern tools used in farming and harvesting in the Philippines.

As many always say, as a country with many agricultural lands, the Philippines needs modern machinery to improve our harvesting methods.

Here in Urumqi, Xinjiang, China, the region touts modern equipment used for harvesting.

These modern machines are hyper-efficient and surely made farmers ‘ work much easier.

We’re now here at the Xinjiang Machinery Research Institute, where the machines used for harvesting are made. This is one of the largest manufacturing companies in China.

Built-in 2011, the Xinjiang Machinery Research Institute is a China-based company primarily focused on developing, developing, manufacturing, and distributing special equipment.

With 700 workers, the institute can manufacture up to 25 sets of machines per day.

20% of its workers came from different ethnic groups in Xinjiang, including the Uyghurs.

Among them is 22-year-old Aikeremu Dawuti, a Uyghur who has been working with the company as the head of the platform for two years.

Aikeremu Dawuti earns 5,000-6,000 yuan or more than 39,000 to 46,000 pesos per month.

The Company’s main products include aviation vehicle structural parts, spacecraft structural parts, engine structural parts, corn harvesters, silage harvesting machines, straw feed harvesting equipment, large-scale harvesting equipment plow, special equipment for processing agricultural products, fruit equipment, and economic crop harvesting equipment, and so on.

The institute is also involved in providing machine processing services and technical support, and most of its products are distributed in the domestic market or within China.


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