Former NTF-ELCAC official highlights VP Sara Duterte’s contributions vs CTGs

Former NTF-ELCAC official highlights VP Sara Duterte’s contributions vs CTGs

A day before Vice President Sara Duterte’s birthday on May 31, a former government spokesperson praised Duterte’s contributions to the fight against communist terrorist groups (CTGs), CPP-NPA-NDF.

This is especially significant as VP Sara also serves as the Education Secretary of the country.

In an interview with SMNI, former NTF-ELCAC Spokesperson Dr. Lorraine Badoy asserted that the Vice President is a significant challenge for the ACT-Teachers and Kabataan Party-list.

Particularly in the recruitment of teachers and students into leftist operations.

“A huge obstacle. The worst thing in their lives has arrived. You know why? Because our Vice President, I’ve talked to her. Her heart is like a mother’s heart. The difference now is that we know the information. Because the Vice President is from Davao, she has first-hand experience with the violence of the CPP-NPA-NDF. She was also a mayor,” according to Dr. Lorraine Badoy, Former NTF-ELCAC Spokesperson.

VP Sara is known for her all-out campaign against communism, even when she was the Mayor of Davao.

Because of this, she is always the target of black propaganda from left-leaning party-list organizations.

“My fellow countrymen, I want you to know that the sole purpose of the CPP, NPA, and NDFP is to destroy the foundation of our democracy, topple government institutions, and drag us into poverty, chaos, and injustice,” stated Vice President Sara Duterte, Republic of the Philippines.

“She knows this very well and she will not stop. So, how much of an obstacle? We are very fortunate to have a DepEd Secretary like her. She knows the CPP very well and she will not hesitate to do what she needs to do,” Badoy added.

Even as calls for her resignation as Education Secretary persist, Dr. Badoy wishes VP Sara continued strength on her birthday.

And to remain vigilant in protecting the youth against NPA recruitment.

“We’re very grateful that our Vice President and DepEd Secretary is truly the right fit. Very brave, very courageous, very clear, and she knows this enemy well and is not afraid,” Badoy said.


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