Political commentator questions PBBM’s achievements in 2 years

Political commentator questions PBBM’s achievements in 2 years

POLITICAL commentator Jay Sonza questions what President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. has achieved in this time.

This comes after former President Rodrigo Duterte urged PBBM to get to work.

“What has he done besides distributing aid? It’s all aid as if it’s masking the lack of substantial action by giving out small, selective amounts. The roads in EDSA are still full of potholes. The airport remains dirty and infested with rats. What can we boast about what the President has done?” questioned Jay Sonza, Political Commentator.

In the National Day of Protest by Hakbang ng Maisug on June 30, various sectors expressed their sentiments against the current administration.

They mentioned broken promises like the P20 per kilo rice, reducing the cost of goods, creating more jobs, and resolving the ongoing tension with China in the West Philippine Sea (WPS), which could escalate to war.

Many also condemned the violent and inhumane police attack on the religious compounds of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KOJC) that happened on June 10, 2024 and this illegal search was clearly a violation of the law.

The current government’s suppression of press freedom after suspending the operations of SMNI was also criticized.

“You’re not even serving the people well, and now you’re deceiving them. You promised [P20 kilos per] rice, but you can’t deliver. You offer cheap goods, but they’re of poor quality. Meanwhile, all people see is you traveling and spending money. You know—I don’t know how they have the face to present themselves to the public. Because it’s frustrating, we all pay taxes—when you eat, you have to pay for VAT [Value Added Tax], but we get nothing in return,” expressed Sonza.

Admin must not ignore public sentiment—political commentator

Sonza also reminded the current administration about the National Day of Protest in the Philippines and Abroad.

“Leaders should no longer ignore this because history shows that when leaders stop listening to the community or the nation—practically, I don’t think it’s too much to call it as this— it signals the loss of their right to govern. This protest is deafening, and if they continue to ignore this and it escalates, it’s goodbye for you,” stated Sonza.

Sonza advises Pres. Marcos not to turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to the true sentiments of the people.

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