Sister of Sen. Risa Hontiveros’ witness speaks out, slams false accusations vs Pastor ACQ

Sister of Sen. Risa Hontiveros’ witness speaks out, slams false accusations vs Pastor ACQ

THE sister of Sen. Risa Hontiveros‘ witness broke her silence and slammed the accusations against Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy as lies and deception.

“Arlene Stone, you are the biggest liar I know,” according to Estrella Caminong-Tormis, Arlene Stone’s sister.

This statement came directly from Estrella Caminong-Tormis, the sister of Sen. Hontiveros’ witness who made accusations against Pastor Apollo.

The senator’s resolution focuses on accusations of human trafficking, rape, and child abuse hurled against The Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KOJC), led by Pastor Apollo.

Hontiveros held a press conference on December 12.

She also released a video of Arlene Stone, the said witness, blatantly accusing Pastor Apollo.

Stone is currently based in Minnesota, USA.

She claims to have been a full-time worker and pastoral associate close to Pastor Apollo, thus knowing the accusations against him and the entire KOJC.

Meanwhile, in her vlog, Estrella Caminong-Tormis shared her life as a worker within the congregation of the KOJC.

“I am Tring Caminong-Tormis, the biological sister of Arlene Caminong-Stone. For everyone’s information, Arlene Stone has been in the ministry as a full-time worker for 7 years, and I have been a full-time worker in the kingdom for 32 years” she added.

“She’s lying about being forced to go full-time. She claims she was trafficked. She must have a very thick face. On her claim of being a pastoral, she’s not even on the list, folks. She’s not on the pastoral list. No matter the lies, the truth will stand,” she stated.

Estrella Caminong-Tormis said she is willing to testify against her own sibling.

“Did anyone force you to sell? Why? Are you the only one selling? Don’t fool us because I, too, sell. I have done selling, although I didn’t do it the way you did,” she said.

Meanwhile, Tormis issued a warning to Hontiveros about Stone’s falsehood, urging her not to diminish her senatorial standards based on unfounded accusations.

“Senator Risa Hontiveros, I hold you in high regard, ma’am, but if these people are the ones fooling you— even a Grade 1 student would know better. Don’t lower your senatorial standards because of these liars. Attention! Honorable Senator. Your honor, don’t let yourselves be fooled by these people,” she added.

Estrella also said she is ready and unafraid to confront and reveal the truth in defense of Pastor Apollo.


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