UAE to maintain diplomatic ties with Israel despite Gaza conflict

UAE to maintain diplomatic ties with Israel despite Gaza conflict

THE United Arab Emirates (UAE) stands true to its statement of sustaining diplomatic ties with Israel amid brewing tensions in the Middle East.

On September 15, 2020, the UAE was one of the few Arab states to have signed the historic Abraham Accords with Israel at the White House in a deal brokered by former US President Donald Trump.

The move urged other other Arab states to forge their own ties with Israel.

Even the wealthy nation of Saudi Arabia, an influential country in the Arab world and the Middle East, was on the path of normalizing ties. However, the surprise attack launched by Hamas on October 7 delayed negotiations.

The attack divided leaders of the Arab and Muslim world and prompted calls for some Arab nations that have forged ties with Israel to cut diplomatic relations with the Jewish state.

UAE officials have publicly condemned Israel’s actions and repeatedly backed calls for a ceasefire in Gaza.

The Gulf state has also launched humanitarian aid campaigns for residents in the war-torn enclave.

The UAE’s trade minister assured last month that trade ties with Israel will remain .mid brewing tensions and fears of the Israel-Hamas war to spread in the Middle East.

The UAE was one of the Arab nations to have rejected the proposal to cut ties with Israel during the emergency Arab-Islamic summits held in Saudi Arabia this past weekend.


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