US blocks UN Security Council Resolution for Israel-Hamas ceasefire

US blocks UN Security Council Resolution for Israel-Hamas ceasefire

THE United States (US) became the only member that voted the proposed resolution put forward by other United Nations (UN) Security Council member countries for an immediate ceasefire in the bloody fighting between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.

US Ambassador to the UN Robert A. Wood as the only member in the Security Council voted against the draft resolution on a ceasefire in the conflict between Israel and Hamas, while the United Kingdom (UK) abstained from the vote.

Introduced by the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the draft resolution was aimed at halting hostilities in Gaza which the UAE’s envoy to the UN said was ‘crucial’.

At least 97 other countries joined in the effort and co-sponsored the UAE-drafted bill.

Wood called the resolution ‘imbalanced’ and rushed, while he complained that US recommendations were not considered in the draft.

The move sparked condemnation by Palestine and among several members of the council, including France whose envoy accused the council of failing.

The envoy of the UK explained that it abstained as the only country because calling for a ceasefire ignored ‘acts of terror’ by Hamas.

Meanwhile, after the vote, China’s permanent representative to the United Nations Zhang Jun expressed great disappointment and regret about the result.

Noting the two months of war have caused unprecedented deaths and destruction, Zhang said an immediate ceasefire is an overriding priority to prevent a spillover of the conflict.

“I’d like to point out that while letting the war last, it’s self-contradictory to claim you care about Gazans’ life, safety, and humanitarian needs, it’s self-deceptive to advocate the prevention of conflict spillover, and it’s extremely hypocritical to keep talking about the protection of women, children and human rights. All these once again show us what double standards are,” according to Zhang Jun, China’s Permanent Rep. to the UN.

The resolution marks the sixth attempt of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to reach an agreement on the war Israel-Hamas War and comes as Tel Aviv has ramped up military action in the Gaza Strip extending its offensive to the South.

Following the October 7 terror attack of Hamas on Israel, the Jewish state declared war on the group and a ‘complete siege’ of Gaza, with a large-scale campaign of air strikes which Palestinian officials reported had thousands of people since.

A ground incursion began at the end of the third, with Israeli leaders vowing to ‘wipe out’ Hamas.


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