IDF claims Gaza’s Al-Rantisi Hospital transformed into ‘terror base’

IDF claims Gaza’s Al-Rantisi Hospital transformed into ‘terror base’

THE Israel Defense Forces (IDF) posted a video claiming that a terrorist infrastructure was established by Hamas inside the Al-Rantisi Children’s Hospital, where a room was found with signs indicating that hostages were held there.

In the beginning, IDF Spokesperson Radm. Daniel Hagari walked through one of what IDF claims as subterranean terrorist tunnels of Hamas, and that these tunnels have an exit in the Raintisi Hospital on the other side.

According to the IDF, the Hamas tunnels are also right next to a school and a United Nations Building, and it is also next to the house of a Hamas operative who heads the naval operations of the group that led the October 7 attack on Israel.

Raintsi Hospital is located 183 meters away, as said by Hagari.

The IDF said these tunnels are being used by Hamas to hide, operate, and hold Israeli hostages against their will.

Upon entering the hospital, Hagari detailed that the IDF found a cache of items including suicide bomb vests, grenades, AK-47 assault rifles, explosive devices, and computers, among others.

He also detailed how Hamas used the hospital to hold hostages at a certain period of time.

Evidence indicating that hostages were previously held in the basement was also found by the IDF.

Hagari highlighted a chair with women’s clothing draped over it.

The IDF spokesperson then pointed to a rope near the chair’s base, implying that someone may have been tied there.

He drew attention to a baby bottle placed above a World Health Organization (WHO) sign in the hospital’s basement, along with diapers.

A makeshift area in the hospital’s basement was also found, seemingly set up as an improvised facility.

At the end of the video, Hagari showed what IDF claims as a place where Hamas held their hostages, as well as a paper sheet on a wall that says “Battle of Al-Aqsa Flood, October 7, 2023”.

This paper sheet, according to the IDF is a schedule for the Hamas operatives assigned to guard them.


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