Thailand expands visa-free entry to 93 nations

Thailand expands visa-free entry to 93 nations

THAILAND has launched new visa promotions, including visa-free and visa-on-arrival schemes, as well as relaxing rules for digital nomads, students, and retirees.

Starting on June 1st, the number of countries eligible for visa-free entry to Thailand will increase from 57 to 93.

Travelers from these 93 countries could stay in Thailand without a visa for up to 60 days.

Additionally, the government has extended digital nomad visas for self-employed and remote workers to five years from the previous 60 days.

More travelers will be eligible for visas on arrival, with the list of eligible countries increased from 19 to 31.

The initiative aims to attract self-employed and remote workers who want to stay longer in Thailand while working.

The so-called Land of Smiles has high hopes it will be able to meet its target of about 40 million tourist arrivals by the end of the year and generate at least 3 trillion baht in tourism revenue.

Thailand is highly dependent on tourism to boost its economy. The sector is one of the government’s priorities under its foreign policy.


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