DITO firm to launch post-paid and enterprise services this June

DITO firm to launch post-paid and enterprise services this June

IN a press conference Thursday morning April 27th, DITO Telecommunity announced that their post-paid services will start this June.

To add, their enterprise service is for large and small businesses in the country.

According to DITO, more Filipinos can expect to get good service as they upgrade their system.

 “Last year, we earned exactly P7.2 billion last year, that’s just our prepaid. That’s just our prepaid, we haven’t offered anything else, pre-paid business lang yan. In June, we are launching our post-paid,” said Atty. Adel Tamano, Chief Administrative Officer, DITO Telecom.

As for those looking for a customized mobile number, it can be done here.

Even cheap and quality Smartphones from China

Especially since they are supported by China Telecom.

 “Essentially, we don’t have a legacy system. We started our connections with fiber straightaway. We started with our services already being cloud-based straightaway,” said ret. Maj. General Rodolfo Santiago, Chief Technology Officer, DITO Telecom.

“Vanity numbers, we still have a lot of numbers right? So, if there is a company that wants a specific type of number, we can also do that.”

“We will leverage on the fact that we have as our partner China tel and really some of the best phones are being manufactured in China. So we leverage on that relationship hopefully we can provide very affordable phones to public no,” added Tamano.

Right now, DITO’s service reach is 70% of the entire Philippines.

And it’s continuing to strengthen its network infrastructure.

Santiago said that DITO’s commitment to be a partner of the government in nation-building also continues.

It can be recalled that DITO Telecom was allowed to operate in the country to break the duopoly of the two previous telcos Globe and Smart.

This year, DITO will spend P230-B to increase its network coverage nationwide to 80% and maintain 55 MPBS internet speed.

DITO firm stands with the government in ‘Nation-Building’

“Part of our DNA is that we are part of nation-building. Again, if we are not part of nation-building, why are we scribing for 84% population coverage in 5 years? It took Globe and Smart 20 years to do that ,” he added.

Right now, there are more than 14 million DITO subscribers nationwide.

And more than six million of them have already completed SIM registration.

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